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Early Stages of Watch Strap Creation
Intern Update: the Early Stages of Creating his Watch Strap

After months of studying and making samples, we wanted to give you a quick peak into Shawn’s process of working with horween leather, and his experience with learning a new craft.

How has the creation process been so far?

A really great experience! My first strap was definitely a learning process, but since then the quality has skyrocketed. It is very important to me that these bands look very professional and are high quality. I have read multiple leather crafting books, as well as spent countless hours thus far designing and crafting the bands in order to get them just right. At this point I am still not ready to release the bands with the Clockwork Synergy name, but every day is a step closer, and everyday the bands turn out much better than the prior.

Any early mistakes that you learned from?

My biggest mistake at first was rushing. I didn’t realize the meticulous nature of leather craftsmanship, and I definitely had to discipline myself and make sure each step of the process was perfect before I moved on the next.

Shawn’s first and second watchstrap attempts.

What has been your biggest struggle?

  The biggest struggle thus far for me is color combination: trying to find the perfect blend of leather and thread color to make the watch band look as professional as possible.  Being a color blind individual, I’ve often asked many of my colleagues as to their opinion about my color combination choices, and I think I am getting to a point where I am confident and happy with my choices.  

What do you enjoy the most so far?
Other than the Clockwork Synergy atmosphere, I think what I enjoy the most is learning a craft I will be able to do for the rest of my life. Making actual leather products with your hands is a very rewarding experience. Since I was never really good with “crafts” as a kid, it feels good to finally learn a skill that I can use for life.
As you have learned more about the process of creating a strap from start to finish, do you feel like you have a newfound respect for the craft?
Absolutely. Leather craftsmanship is not for the faint of heart. You must be meticulous and careful with each cut and stitch; one mess up and it deteriorates the quality of the band entirely. In order to craft leather one must be very disciplined and pay attention to each and every part of the product they are creating.

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